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Company News

Brown bear body found on the roadside. Animal silicone ice tray making ice, calls for protection of animals.

Publish Date: 2017-07-05 Click: 665
Brown bear body found on the roadside. Animal silicone ice tray making ice, calls for protection of animals.

According to the Anhui Daily reported: July 1st morning, Hefei people found a "monster" on the way to work, which is located in the Yangtze River Road and the revitalization of the road near the intersection of small woods. Experts from the Hefei Safari Park identified the monster as a brown bear who had been dead for several days. How can there be a brown bear body on the side of the road? The matter became a mystery. Hanchuan silica gel factory specializes in the design and production of animal silicone ice tray, who can DIY homemade lifelike animal shape small ice cubes, calling for everyone to care for the environment, and care for animals. With the global warming, the destruction of the environment, not only many rare animals are facing a difficult situation, we humans sometimes encounter scourge.

The brown bear is one of the largest carnivore type mammal on land, at present our country mainly Himalaya brown bear, brown bear, brown bear and brown bear three of northeast Tibet, belong to the two national animal protection, which is prohibited without qualification of individuals and institutions to raise, raise the whole body from the disposal, are subject to legal protection. Identified by experts at the wildlife park in Hefei, the animal is a brown bear who has been dead for several days. Brown bears are known to be very large, some weighing hundreds of kilograms, or even thousands of kilograms, and the dead brown bear may be a minor brown bear. In the afternoon, according to the guidance of the relevant experts, Shushan district municipal and garden department staff came to the excavator, the brown bear's body was buried treatment. At present, police are investigating further the origin of the brown bear bodies on the side of the road.

animal silicone ice tray animal silicone ice tray

According to expert's analysis,  in Anhui province, there is no distribution of brown bear, brown bear is basically distributed in our northeast, northwest and southwest, previously in the southern Anhui mountain there are black bears, but now basically can not see. In addition, according to experts, there is no special breeding place for brown bears in Anhui, and zoos do not have such large brown bears. As for the origin of the brown bear, experts speculated that the bigger might be the brown bear who was killed on the side of the road after being killed. "There may be a breeding unit that, in the course of transportation, led to the death of the brown bear, and they simply found a place to throw the body away."." Jiang said, "the bodies of brown bears and brown bears are protected by level two, and it is illegal to abandon the body of a brown bear at will.

Hanchuan silicone factory USSE brand animal silicone ice tray, you can make the south polar wild animals ice cube ice sculpture - polar bears and penguins. Not only the lovely appearance is creative, more importantly, it also bring severe form of global warming after the polar show -- if human beings indulge themselves, when the melting of polar glaciers, you will never see us any more! - by polar bears and penguins. Polar bear and Penguin ice cubes are simulated by animal silicone ice tray mold, and the north and south poles are simulated in the cup. As the ice slowly melts, you will feel more about the effects of global warming on the living environment of polar bears.

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