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Company News

Silica gel factory:Holland gift purchasing silicone ice tray, the first choice is Hanchuan usse brand

Publish Date: 2015-03-27 Click: 2064
Silica gel factory:Holland gift purchasing silicone ice tray, the first choice is Hanchuan usse brand

 In 2014 July mid-monthly inquiry, gift wholesalers to Hanchuan a specialized in Holland, mainly through the international station asked Ali silicone ice tray price  mail. The customers in Holland is a professional silicone gifts wholesale, want to buy some silicone ice tray used for gifts. Customer demand is not very difficult to achieve, mainly lies in the ice tray style to attract the mother and child. Then, we integrated the requirements of customers, the clerk chose silicone ice grid pattern some cartoon creative to the guests. And finally chosen the following this cartoon animals silicone ice tray.

Silica gel factory Silica gel factory

In fact, this usse silicone ice tray produced by Hanchuan silicone manufacturers have coffee, like the color of chocolate, ice tray back can be seen is four dinosaur shape, image of lovely, very attractive children, the children will definitely like; and blue ice mould, the little lion sell sprout in the back. Hanchuan usse ice tray can be used not only for ice, can also be used to make jelly and chocolate. After a week of follow up, the customer is the idea of order quantity is 5000 ice tray; once the promotion effect is good, the subsequent orders will be more, the greater the amount. Hanchuan Industry 16 years professional silicone ice tray customization, export silicone ice tray has reached more than 80 countries such as America and japan. The new development of year silicone ice tray style more than 50 variety, is China's largest silicone ice grid export quantity of silica gel factory.