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Company News

USSE brand silicone car anti-skid pad is environmentally friendly and practical

Publish Date: 2017-02-28 Click: 942
USSE brand silicone car anti-skid pad is environmentally friendly and practical

Now the car 4S shop boutiques have a variety of car anti-skid pad selling. Many people do not understand what material car anti-skid pad is environmentally friendly and practical,  Hanchuan recommend you environmentally friendly silicone car anti-skid pad. Guys have heard of silicone anti-skid pad? In fact, friends may not be unfamiliar.


We know that in the car when the car placed in front of some of the small things in the car start and brakes when it is easy to fall, then the silicone car anti-skid pad this product is designed for non-slip and a product. In fact, this product and our mobile phone non-slip shell is a reason. We driver friends, phone on the front of the table, and this table is particularly slippery, the phone fell down on a very capacity has been broken.

silicone car anti-skid pad silicone car anti-skid pad

Silicone car anti-skid pad is a new type of anti-skid pad. First, as the selection of new kind, followed by silicone anti-skid pad is a sticky product can be their own. Its main role is to facilitate the random placed in the car, and can absorb and store debris. Silicone car anti-skid pad in the car when the movement is not easy to fall.


Do you know why the car pads will use silicone material? In fact, this is related to its characteristics. First of all because the silicone anti-skid pad it has non-slip function. It is very transparent, and high strength. And the silicone anti-skid pad surface tension is relatively low, good ventilation. Then, the silicone anti-skid pad products health and environmental protection, silicone can be implanted in the human body, enough to illustrate this point. Then, the silicone anti-skid pad it can be soundproof and personal. Replacement of silicone anti-skid pad is also more convenient, and cleaning is relatively simple.

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