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Company News

Exporting Paris a Hotel silicone mat, why more expensive than the general one?

Publish Date: 2016-09-05 Click: 1055
Exporting Paris a Hotel silicone mat, why more expensive than the general one?

France Paris Hotel, Monte Carlo, the famous luxury hotel for Monaco casino square, location: 182 rooms, including 74 suites and small suites, 3 restaurants. In 2016 August the five star hotel customer service to Hanchuan USSE industry brand desk mat  website of Alibaba international consulting and design a site staff European style hotel silicone mat.

Silicone mat products USSE brand in common with high temperature resistance, anti-aging, durable, reusable, novel appearance, soft texture, various patterns and characteristics of convenient cleaning. With the improvement of accumulated technology and production process for many years, we Hanchuan silica gel factory has solved the traditional process of product is easy to scratch the defects. The service life of the product has doubled, and break the bottleneck of repeated use of 4000 times. Not sticky, characteristics of temperature resistant to make the product better for food baking, also can be used as a mat, table mat, mat, cushion dough, cake baking mat, bread baking pad, Pizza mat, silica glass fiber mat, is indispensable in the kitchen items, the surface can also print arbitrary patterns according to the requirements of the guests.

Hotel silicone mat Hotel silicone mat

In fact, this hotel silicone mat European style was somewhat different from the European style mat we designed in the past, a combination of Chinese and Western culture, is very distinctive, print is still the European style, but the color is pink with Chinese is very beautiful. This wine shop silicone mat with LFGB silica top raw materials, product surface spray handle oil, this oil is also feel environmental protection, than the general oil to your 50%. mat thickness is 1mm, the hardness of the material selection of 25 degrees, relatively soft texture, very much in line with the high-end hotel style.

Hotel silicone mat Hotel silicone mat

The USSE brand for the hotel silicone mat France Paris design environmentally friendly silicone raw materials, the production process does not produce any toxic and harmful substances, can be assured; can withstand 230 degrees, is in the range of -40~~+230 degree; the product color can be prepared, according to customer requirements to provide or Pantone swatches can; thanks to the good stability of silicone materials, hotel mat products have longer service life. After use, rinse with water or cleaning in the dishwasher, can restore clean.

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