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Company News

Is silicone pacifier safe? What is the standard for using a silicone pacifier?

Publish Date: 2018-11-05 Click: 144
Is silicone pacifier safe? What is the standard for using a silicone pacifier?

When the baby grows up to a certain age, it needs to be weaned. After weaning, the baby contacts the pacifier the most. So when the mothers set up the pacifier, they will have a comprehensive understanding, and then make the choice of the pacifier, figuring out the shape, material and size of the pacifier. Choosing the right nipple is the same as choosing your baby healthy. Choosing a good bottle does not mean that mothers can take it lightly. Silicone pacifier is also an accessory that must be carefully checked. It is more difficult to choose a safe nipple than a bottle. After all, it is in direct contact with the baby. The nipple is small, but it is more difficult.

Studies have found that newborn babies develop olfactory organs first, and they can differentiate different odors steadily as soon as they are born. When they smell the breast milk, they turn their heads to the direction of breast milk. When they get used to a nipple with a faint smell, they will contradict their mother's milk. Therefore, the choice of Infant Nipple must be colorless, tasteless and non-toxic. Is silica gel nipple safe? Silicone nipple is made of high quality food grade silica gel. It can tolerate temperature change. It can be boiled, smooth, transparent and tasteless. These are important features of silicone pacifier. However, you should pay attention to some safety problems with your baby's silicone nipple. For example, the elasticity of silica gel is less than that of latex. Once the surface is damaged, it will tear easily. Silicone is relatively weak. If applied regularly, it should be careful to check if there is any breakage on the surface. Silicone nipples should be replaced immediately if there are any signs of aging, such as dark lines, scratches, dental prints or small holes. The silicone nipple is usually colorless and transparent.

silicone pacifier silicone pacifier

In fact, not all materials are suitable for making nipples. At present, the main brand of nipples in the domestic market is silicone nipples. Among them, silica gel can be divided into two categories: food grade silica gel. Recently, a new type of latex nipple has been circulating in the market. There is no national testing standard to judge its safety. The food grade silicone nipple is made from natural rubber and olive oil. The hardness and elasticity are moderate, colorless, tasteless and non-toxic, which can effectively help the development of the gums. At present, the European standard can detect whether the nipple is in line with the food application level.

What is the standard of USSE silicone pacifier? Glue to be soft enough, the baby's gum is very strong, the quality of the material directly affects the baby's sucking and feeding process. This will do the least harm to the child's teeth. Is the hole big enough to suck? If you want to purchase, you can see the size of the hole first and go back. You can try it first. Generally choose large brand nipple control is guaranteed, do not choose yellowish or other color products, usually silicone latex white, colorless and tasteless substances. Pacifier attention to pacifier and butterfly wing bonding is stable, the whole pacifier is larger than the baby's mouth, so as to avoid the whole pacifier suction, dangerous. If the pacifier is in shape, damaged, etc., it needs to be renewed. Generally speaking, the life of the pacifier is only about three months.

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