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Company News

Does it matter if new parents choose different orifices pacifier?

Publish Date: 2018-11-01 Click: 144
Does it matter if new parents choose different orifices pacifier?

Most of the pacifiers on the market today are made of silicone or rubber. In contrast, for infants, the teats made of silica gel are closer to the mother's nipple and are soft and hard, which can promote the baby's saliva secretion and help the development of the upper and lower jaw and facial muscles, which the baby can absorb randomly. The shape of the nipple hole is mainly: round nipple, cross nipple, Y nipple. How many styles of pacifier do you know? There are three main types: a curved nipple, a tongue coating nipple and a thumb nipple.

pacifier pacifier

Different holes and styles of the pacifier, the novice parents should be based on the actual age of the baby. At the same time, when choosing a pacifier, besides looking at the opening shape and design style of the pacifier, the base of the pacifier should also be observed. This is important, as babies will refuse to suck if they think their lips are not warm while sucking. Careful novice parents will find that there are many sizes of the nipple holes on the bottle. The hole that new born baby sucks shoulds not be too big, in general 15 to 20 minutes left and right after being sucked is appropriate. 

If the milk hole is too small, it will be difficult to suck, and the baby will be reluctant to suck. And milk hole is too big, eat choke casually. The manufacturer has already subdivided the size of the milk-hole, but for safety reasons, new parents can take the test on their own. How to check the pacifier, you can try to turn the bottle upside down and observe the flow rate of the milk. If the milk is like a drop of water, about 2 drops per second, then the size of the suction hole is appropriate. If the milk is like a stream, the suction hole is too large.

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