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Company News

Do silicone pacifiers have a shelf life? How long does it last?丨USSE

Publish Date: 2018-10-24 Click: 170
Do silicone pacifiers have a shelf life? How long does it last?丨USSE

The material of the nipple pacifier is generally divided into silica gel, latex, rubber three kinds, and now more and more silicone pacifiers are purchased, so the life of the silicone nipple is long, anti-aging and non-toxic tasteless colorless, the shortcoming is that the price is slightly higher. Some parents think that Silicone Pacifiers are expensive, and even as long as one pacifier is not bad, it will be used for many years. I want to know, have you thought about the shelf life of silicone pacifier?

According to regulations, the effective period of use of bottles and pacifiers is ten years. However, when we choose to buy, it is best to choose the nipple that is consumed in the near future, and the security will be higher. In addition, about the use of pacifiers, it is recommended to change about three months, which is more conducive to the health of the baby. The use of materials like latex shorter life, individual is changed once every two months; and like rubber nipple maintenance period is shorter, more random aging, so about a month to change. Silicone gel pacifier is made of silica gel, but the price of silica gel is relatively high. This kind of nipple is more durable, because it is too strong to bite. The characteristic of silica gel is safer.

silicone pacifierssilicone pacifiers

If the nipple does not reach the time limit for replacement, and there is damage or other conditions, strongly advise mothers to quickly change the baby's nipple, do not wait. The elasticity of silica gel is less than that of latex. Once the surface is damaged, it will tear at will. Silica gel is weak in comparison. If it is used frequently, it should be vigilant to check whether there is any breakage on the surface. If there are any signs of aging, such as dark lines, scratches, dental marks or small holes, the silicone nipples should be replaced immediately.

Silica gel colorless, tasteless, non-toxic, low-temperature resistance, low-temperature resistance, food-grade silica gel as raw materials made of nipples, than individual nipples heat-resistant, any disinfection method is not easy to make it deformed, and there will be no harmful components exudation, much safer. Generally speaking, the silicone pacifiers should be replaced once a month, and the latex nipple will be replaced once more than half a month. If it is found that the nipple is damaged, it should be replaced. The nipple itself is easy to age, and the baby will bite the nipple, so the aging will be faster. Baby Mom should check carefully to avoid the health hazards caused by the nipple problem.

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