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Company News

Baby teether: Why babies often bite hands? They need silicone teether? 丨USSE

Publish Date: 2018-10-23 Click: 109
Baby teether: Why babies often bite hands? They need silicone teether? 丨USSE

Babies need to use baby silicone teether? Is pure silica gel good or water injection good? The green hand baby mom has such experience, the baby 4 months, often nothing to eat hands, looking helpless, to buy a baby bite glue, do not know bite glue on the baby is good? In fact, baby chewing gum is very helpful to the baby during tooth age. The baby's deciduous teeth began to erupt about 4 to 10 months after birth, and the first one appeared about 6 months later. Within two years, 20 of them emerged slowly. The first deciduous teeth to erupt are a pair of incisors at the top two ends, then the upper two ends, and then gradually emerge in the order from the two ends to the two sides.

The process of a long tooth is not comfortable for the baby. In addition to the symptoms of low fever, restlessness and restlessness that most babies experience during their teeth, the swelling, pain and itching of their gums afflict poor babies at all times. That's why they mess around and bite around. 

silicone teethersilicone teether

And this is certainly very unhygienic, but also can attack the baby miseating swallowed food and other unexpected things. It is very necessary to prepare a safe and effective molar tool for babies with long teeth. Baby silica gel bite is a kind of molar toy specially designed for babies. It is also called baby gum, fixer, tooth drill, molar stick and so on. It is usually made of safe and non-toxic silica gel or natural rubber. It has many designs, such as fruit, nipple, cartoon characters and so on.

Baby silicone teether usually has the following functions: alleviate the pain and itching of baby's gums when it comes out of the teeth; massage the gums to make them more reliable and hastily make deciduous teeth even grow out; make the jaws develop normally, permanent teeth weaken and grow up to lay a good foundation; temper the baby's sucking and biting action, temper the mouth ability; temper the baby's mouth. Harmonious ability with the hand; Exercise baby's soft and hard, color, sound and other aspects of perception, promote intellectual development; Let the baby get psychological satisfaction and a certain sense of security.

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