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Company News

What are the benefits of food grade silicone for mother and baby products?

Publish Date: 2018-10-11 Click: 180
What are the benefits of food grade silicone for mother and baby products?

As a new environmental protection material for maternal and infant baby products such as nipples, bottles, cups, toothbrushes and even spoons, silica gel is widely used and advertised in various commercial gimmicks, seemingly unfamiliar food-grade silica gel names, and with the mother's frequent emergence of baby products, everyone is beginning to pay attention to it. There are many different baby products in the market. When you buy, eye catching slogans are more hesitant.

In fact, no matter what you buy, baby breastfeeding or milk powder and bottles are essential, and ingredients are the key to whether the product is suitable for children. Parents with silicone nipples often disinfect them, and easy-to-clean nipples are undoubtedly a favorite among mothers. The baby nipple made of silicone rubber has a smooth surface, is easy to clean, can be disinfected at high temperatures without damage, and is durable and flexible. It is especially suitable for babies to use after 6 months. At this point, the baby should begin to have long teeth. Because the rubber nipple is too soft and does not bite, it is easy to bite. If you are not careful, your baby will bite. For the health and development of the baby, when the baby is six months old, must use silicone rubber baby pacifier.

baby products baby products

The nipple is the real part of the baby's mouth, so the material requirement is higher than the bottle. The nipple can be made of two kinds of materials: silicone rubber and rubber. In addition to ensuring safety, it is best to achieve nipple softness. Therefore, most people choose silica gel. Pacifiers are usually transparent food-grade materials; rubber pacifiers are yellow, and sulfur content may exceed the standard, possibly "in the mouth". Silica gel is very flexible, especially liquid silica gel, can stretch and tear, more suitable for molding products. In addition, the softness of silica gel can greatly imitate the touch of the mother's nipple, play a role in balancing the mood of the baby. Rubber is very hard, and it is hard to achieve this effect.

Silicone bottles are made of more materials, and glass bottles have always been the first choice for mothers to feed newborns. As the baby grows, he wants to feed himself with a bottle. At this time, a heavier glass bottle will bring heavy weight to the baby. Can it be replaced by plastic bottles? The quality of plastic bottles is uneven. Some plastic bottles are tasted in hot water, which will affect the taste. How do you do it? This series of Silicone Baby Products solves this problem. It not only has all the properties of other materials, but also has excellent special properties. Silicone bottles have better elasticity. The elasticity of silicone resin is different from that of rubber. It is not the hardness of hard state. Silicone is flexible and delicate. When the bottle is filled with hot water, it feels like the skin of the human body. Studies have shown that the touch of a bottle is related to the mood of the baby. Good touch helps your baby's emotional stability and helps your baby's emotional development.

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