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Company News

How to properly disinfect the feeding bottle? Don't make a mistake!

Publish Date: 2018-09-30 Click: 300
How to properly disinfect the feeding bottle? Don't make a mistake!

As a baby parent with little experience, the issue of cleaning and disinfecting baby bottles has always been a concern. Because the feeding bottle is simply the only tableware before the baby adds food, it is the daily use items that the baby touches frequently, not to mention the utensils that enter the mouth. The so-called disease is from the mouth, so it is especially important to accurately clean and disinfect the bottle. How to properly disinfect the feeding bottle? Some mothers think that there is no need to let the baby's career in a complete and sterile environment. After all, the baby will still have to contact various bacteria. If you pay too much attention to cleanliness, it will not be beneficial to their own immunity.


Bottles and nipples are essential tools for babies. If you don't pay attention to cleansing and disinfection, it will often cause baby's mouth infection, diarrhea and other diseases; but many parents are not very clear, how to disinfect the safest. Wash the feeding bottle and nipple before disinfection; after each feeding, soak the bottle and nipple with hot water for a few minutes, then wash the bottle with the bottle brush and the nipple brush, and then wash it with water for 2-3 times. 

feeding bottle


How to properly disinfect the feeding bottle? Boiling disinfection method: remove the nipple and lid, if it is a plastic bottle, the water has not passed the bottle, cover the lid and cook for five minutes, and the long-time repeated cooking will not only deform the bottle but also release harmful materials; if it is a glass bottle, It should be boiled with cold water. The water should cover the bottle. After the water is boiled for five minutes, put the nipple and lid into the lid and cook for another five minutes. Steam pot disinfection method: After washing the bottle, remove it. The nipple and the lid are placed in the steam sterilizing pot, and the time is operated according to the sterilizing pot explanation; the microwave disinfection method: the cleaned bottle is filled with water and placed in the microwave oven, and the high fire is turned off for 10 minutes. Do not put the nipple and the adapter cover into the microwave oven to avoid deformation and damage.


After disinfecting the bottle and nipple, do not touch it with an unclean hand; if the bottle is still not used after 24 hours of disinfection, it should be re-sterilized to avoid bacterial growth. Although the disinfection of the milk is troublesome, the reborn child has low immunity and is easily contaminated. Initiate disinfection once every 3 days, boil for 3-10 minutes each time with boiling water. If you use it normally, you can take it with hot water. The newly born child needs to use a sterilized bottle every time he or she is breast-feeding. How to properly disinfect the feeding bottle? Bottle disinfection should be repeated for 5-6 months. After the child has been 6 months old, brush the bottle with a brush and then rinse it with water. It can be disinfected without daily disinfection.

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