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Company News

The American taxi crashed into the crowd.Use silicone anti-slip mat to reduce loss.

Publish Date: 2017-07-04 Click: 377
The American taxi crashed into the crowd.Use silicone anti-slip mat to reduce loss.

[World Wide Web Roundup] the United States will be on Tuesday local time (July 4th) ushered in independence day, Boston Logan International Airport on Monday afternoon, a white taxi hit the crowd, reported at least 10 people were injured. The use of silicone anti-skid mat can reduce the loss of accidents, USSE brand silicone anti-skid pad is a new type of anti-skid pad. The new model here is, first of all, because of its new selection of materials. Secondly, the silica gel anti-skid pad is a kind of product that can be adhered to by itself. Its main function is to make it easy to place in the car, and it can absorb and collect sundries. Silicone mat is not easy to fall off when the car is moving. 

Hongkong East network reported that in July 4th, when someone suddenly crashed into the taxi outside the airport a taxi stand near the outdoor cafe, blocked the scene immediately after the police arrived at the scene, that is the initial accident, the driver does not believe murder. A taxi driver was a 56 year old man who was questioned by police at the scene. Photos from the scene show that someone's taxi hit the coffee shop, the scene of chaos, the seats outside the store were smashed. Someone's taxi hit the front of the deformation, serious damage. The authorities said the injured were taken to 3 local hospitals for treatment and some were seriously injured. 

silicone anti-slip mat silicone anti-slip mat

Have you ever heard of silicone anti-slip mat? In fact, friends who drive may not be strange about it. For the silicone anti-skid pad is used in the car on a product. We know that at the time of driving, some small things in front of the car when the car started and placed the brakes, it would be easy to fall off, so this product is for silica gel mat anti-skid design of a product.

In fact, the silicone anti-skid pad, this product and our mobile phone anti-skid shell is a reason, that is, for anti-skid. Many of our friends who drive are putting their phones on the front of the car, and this table is particularly slippery, and when the cell phone comes down, it's broken. Therefore, silicone anti-slip mat has been widely used. In addition, we now see the silicone anti-skid pad products, styles are particularly large, and this has received many young friends sought after. The automobile antiskid mat is a new term in recent years, because it is liked by the public car people. 

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