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Company News

After secondary vulcanization of silicone placemat with cloth, will it be helpful to the quality?

Publish Date: 2017-03-17 Click: 840
After secondary vulcanization of silicone placemat with cloth, will it be helpful to the quality?

In recent years, the silicone kitchen supplies are more and more popular, which are more common especially in Europe and the United States and Japan. Among this, people use more is silicone placemat, silicone ice tray. USSE brand new development and design of silicone placemat with cloth, the most basic quality requirement is using 100% food grade silica gel, and complys with FDA food safety testing certification.  So it is necessary for secondary sulfide in the process of production , however, will the secondary vulcanization process have any effect on product quality?

To start with the temperature in the process of vulcanization, curing temperature is usually in the silicone placemat with cloth, forming are set between 160 ~ 200 degrees Celsius. Long time of mold operation, or other reason will make the mold for a long time not to open the vulcanizing machine heating, mold temperature and low temperature vulcanization silicone products, resulting in the silicone products forming bubbles;   Then, the vulcanization time is too short. Vulcanization time length determines the silicone placemat with cloth whether can be completely cure.  Too short of vulcanization time will be more likely to result in surface bubbles.

silicone placemat with clothsilicone placemat with cloth 

To share secondary sulfide effect in the production of silicone placemat with cloth. Silica gel using peroxide vulcanizing, peroxide decomposition result in a polymer reaction after the production of low molecular compounds, such as benzene and benzoic acid, etc.) exists in the rubber will affect the mechanical properties of rubber, silica gel after the first hot forming, the crosslink density is not enough, must be secondary sulfide can increase the density of silicone rubber, stretching intensity.

Resilience, density, hardness, swelling degree and thermal stability than the first vulcanization improved substantially, the harmful residue completely evaporate.

Hanchuan industry 15 years in designing and manufacturing USSE brand silicone  placemat, exports to Europe and the United States and Japan more than 100 countries, such as silicone  placemat products are 100% through secondary sulfide, only after the secondary sulfide, product quality could comply 100% with the FDA and the European Union LFGB testing standards.

Silicone placemat with cloth surface and bottom material is 40 degrees liquid silicone, color effect, on the following pacifiers adhesive material.  If necessary, the surface may gush silica gel ink, surface available marker daub, convenient scrub.

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