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Company News

There are five abnormal reasons for silicone heat resistant mat on mixing glue.

Publish Date: 2017-03-15 Click: 765
There are five abnormal reasons for silicone heat resistant mat on mixing glue.

The function of silicone heat resistant mat is used for heat insulation and protection of desktop. It is mainly used on our table. Insulation pad is made of one hundred percent of silica gel, thermal insulation is very good. It can endure the temperature range from - 40 degrees to + 230 degrees. Silicone heat resistant mat is made from high temperature and oil pressure forming, the five reasons for anomalies in mixing rubber.

 Compound cluster abnormal cause analysis: insufficient raw rubber plastication, raw rubber or a certain/some of compound be affected with damp be affected with damp, moisture content is too high; Large amount of glue, silica gel heat roller spacing is too large, powder compound directly fall on the roller is pressed into flake; Temperature is too high, powder compound containing coarse particles or cluster, gel too much.

silicone heat resistant mat silicone heat resistant mat

 Plastic through greater than small uneven or cause analysis: the molding plastic plasticity inappropriate and mixing time is too long, too short, mixing temperature too high or too low, mixed with glue is not uniform, mixing unevenly, soften the plasticizer more or less, carbon black to add too much, too little, or use the wrong species.

 Contract too much causes analysis: without vulcanizing rubber - plastic was low; Mixing time is too short; Mixer mixing time is too long, leading to come; Add rubber vulcanization agent - rubber scorch time is too short, began to scorch; Storage time is too long, Mooney viscosity too high or began to scorch.

silicone heat resistant mat

Physical and mechanical properties is unqualified or inconsistent reason analysis: compound weighing inaccuracy, especially silicone heat resistant mat shim strength agent and plasticizer, vulcanizing machine match or mismatch and promoters leak, mixing excessive, unreasonable charging sequences or mixing unevenly, likely to lead to inconsistent performance.

Of each batch of rubber: analysis of the causes of the performance differences between different initial charging temperature, cooling water and temperature difference, the roof bolt pressure difference, compound weighing error, compound of the differences between different batches using alternative synergist, evacuation time and temperature is different, the different operator tableting machine processing materials in different ways, dispersion degree is different.

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