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Company News

In addition to protect the desk & table from burned, What are the advantages of silicone heat resistant mat?

Publish Date: 2017-02-10 Click: 859
In addition to protect the desk & table from burned,  What are the advantages of silicone heat resistant mat?

For the life and appearance of our table, we usually use the insulation pad to remove the hot food to bring the table "burns." What is the material of the table insulation pad? In our life, we can choose heat resistant mat according to the table material of different materials. No matter what kind of table, which are generally recommended to select the more environmentally friendly, such as silicone heat resistant mat.

Silicone heat resistant mat is using 100% silicone raw materials, good insulation, will not fade, environmental health and safety, easy to clean, high temperature up to 230 degrees. The silicone insulation pad can be better fixed items to effectively prevent the movement of items slide. Material soft, arbitrary distortion without distortion, any size can be based on customer requirements.

silicone heat resistant mat  silicone heat resistant mat

Silicone heat resistant mat is made of high temperature resistant silicone material. It is designed to be concave and convex, hollow and other shapes. It can fully separate the scald of high temperature kitchenware from the table. It can also be used as cooking tool. The high temperature silicone material can bear the temperature of high temperature cooking, substance. Silicone heat resistant mat is the development of modern fashion kitchen utensils from the silicone kitchen supplies, modern families are standardized fashion cabinets, if not properly protected, the light will bring inconvenience to the kitchen operation, the weight will be directly scalded desktop.


Silicone pad products are silicon-oxygen bond as the main chain structure, the silicone pad products, high thermal stability, high temperature silicone cake mold molecules do not break the chemical bond, not decomposition. Silicone heat resistant mat not only high temperature, but also low temperature, can be used in a wide temperature range. Both the chemical properties and physical and mechanical properties, with the temperature changes are small.


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