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Company News

The using of baking silicone pad and optional methods?

Publish Date: 2017-02-09 Click: 878
The using of baking silicone pad and optional methods?

Baking silicone pad how to use and the right to buy? Silicone pads are also known as silicone baking mats and can be used as dough stations for biscuits, pizza, and bread. The traditional wooden board is very easy to breed bacteria, and silica gel pad is not only good cleaning care, and anti-sticking effect is very good, can be used as dough kneading table.

 To improve versatility, some silicone pads are available in scale and size to assist in situations that may be encountered during the baking process. Baking silicone pad generally has a small size, light weight, high temperature, non-slip performance, easy to clean up the characteristics of baking is very convenient and practical tool. Scale with the scale of the silicone pad around the scale, the center is the size of pizza pie, as the baking operation of the board, is simply tailored, it is worth mentioning that the standard silicone pad can withstand 220 ℃ high temperature.

silicone pad silicone pad

 Baking silicone pad in the end what are the usefulness of the correct use? In the rolling system or knead the dough when the use of silica gel pad can be a good anti-slip at the same time to achieve the physical anti-sticking, as little as possible with the dry powder, you can make the dough to maintain more moisture; a lot of baking silica gel pad scale and size, You can operate on the silicone pad, as much as possible to roll out their own need to dough size and size, especially the pizza. The use of size circle to help shape a good effect.

   You can enter the oven for baking, physical non-stick, mold release convenience. In the production of Makalong, the special Makarong silica gel pad can dry Macaron, and together into the oven baking temperature, this is not only convenient, but also repeated use, saving resources. Why does someone bake biscuits, silicone pads will wrinkle? There are two possibilities: a silicone pad or the oven temperature is not balanced, resulting in uneven heating of silicone pads, will be uneven. Now the basic silicone pad can be into the oven, then the second reason is more likely.

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