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Company News

Portuguese businessmen ordering new design silicone placemat with cloth from hanchuan

Publish Date: 2016-11-15 Click: 790
Portuguese businessmen ordering new design silicone placemat with cloth from hanchuan

This is the first time that Portuguese customer through Google search the words, hotel application silicone placemat with cloth to find our Hanchuan silicone plant. The guests mainly want to understand the hotel and coffee shop  new kinds of silicone mat products. Knowing the needs of Portuguese businessmen, our foreign trade clerk recommended 10 hotel generic silicone placemat products picture to customer, including round shaped silicone mats, and this year's new band of silicone placemat with cloth, just this with silicone cloth mat is the customer wants, but also very consistent with their country's habits.

   What is the colorful new silicone placemat with cloth? What are the design features? Surface and the bottom of the material for 40 degrees of liquid silicone; cloth materials POLYESTER. The total product thickness is 0.9 MM, weight 130g, the size of the conventional 400MM * 300M. The thickness of the surface of silica gel cloth 0.3MM. In line with the US FDA food-grade testing standards. Color effect, the upper and lower nipple plastic material. Body-like feel, the surface protection by the 0.3MM silicone, super scratch-resistant with a variety of solvents.

silicone placemat with cloth silicone placemat with cloth

   In fact, the Portuguese customers are the first to find our Hanchuan silica gel factory to carry out cooperation in Europe and the United States before most of the procurement in Zhejiang hotel with silicone placemat, we asked customers in recent years, why manufacturers in Guangdong, like Hanchuan Silica gel factory procurement of silicone placemat, customers here in Shenzhen, product quality control better. Although the price will be more expensive than in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, but still within the scope of customer acceptance.

   Customers have seen a variety of 10 hotels in the common silicone placemat, the last fancy USSE brand new silicone placemat with cloth. The customer immediately determines the four models, the order is 20,000, of which 10,000 air requirements of the request, the first cooperation is very smooth, the customer is very smooth, the customer is the first time, Hanchuan very satisfied with the service, the price is very affordable.

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