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Company News

Here, Hanchuan silicone factory share you the way to remove ice cubes from a silicone ice tray

Publish Date: 2016-07-22 Click: 898
Here, Hanchuan silicone factory share you the way to remove ice cubes from a silicone ice tray

Hanchuan silicon factory these silicone ice trays are ingenious inventions that allow you to make ice cubes that will cool a hot drink or chill a beverage, and they can even be used to preserve herbs and sauces. But as incredible as they are, ice trays can be extremely frustrating because the ice cubes don’t always come out very easily. Luckily, there are some simple tips and tricks you can use to easily remove ice cubes from your silicone ice tray, and there are also a few preventative measures you can take to stop them from sticking in the first place.

Pour cool water on the bottom of the tray. Regardless of what kind of ice cube tray you're using, it’s always a good idea to start by running some cool water over the underside of the tray. This will help break the seal that’s keeping the ice cubes stuck to the tray material.  Don’t use hot or even warm water, otherwise, you might melt the ice. Hold the ice cube tray over the sink and run water from the tap over the bottom of the tray. Place a bowl or colander in the sink under the ice cubes in case any come loose and fall out.

silicone ice tray silicone ice tray

Flex the ends of the tray in opposite directions. Flip the silicone ice trays over so it’s right-side up. Hold one end of the tray in either hand and gently twist each end of the tray in opposite directions. With one hand, flex the tray away from you while flexing it toward you with the other hand. Release the flex, then twist the sides in the other direction. Flexing the tray like this allows air to enter between the ice and the tray, which will release the cubes from their pockets.

Lick your finger and touch an ice cube to lift it out. To remove a single ice cube from the tray, lick the tip of your index finger. While it’s still wet, tap your finger onto the ice cube you want. The liquid on your finger will freeze upon contact with the ice and form a bond, so when you lift your finger, the ice cube will easily come out of its pocket attached to your finger.

To get the ice cubes off, simply dip the tip of your finger into your drink and allow the bond to melt.

To remove ice cubes from a silicone ice tray, flex both sides of the tray to loosen the cubes. Hold the tray in both hands, and place an index or middle finger under a single ice cube on the bottom of the tray. Push against the bottom of the cube with that finger, and the ice cube will pop out. Grab it with your other hand while still pushing it from the bottom.

Silicone ice trays work best when they are clean and don’t have a cloudy residue inside, so wash them out with hot soapy water and a brush between every filling.

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