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Company News

Hanchuan silicone ice sphere balls are popular, how to use them?

Publish Date: 2016-07-20 Click: 850
Hanchuan silicone ice sphere balls are popular, how to use them?

 Silicone ice sphere balls, also known as spherical shape silicone ice tray, are very popular in recent years within the silicone ice tray products series. Silicone ice ball and general silicone ice tray design and manufacturing process have some differences. The initial launch of the ice ball found very easy to appear the water leakage phenomenon, the main reason is the upper and lower cover sealing not strict. As technology continues to progress, now market sales of silicone ice ball will not exist leakage problem.

 From 2014, silicone ice ball  pop trend to change the internal structure of the spherical. Hanchuan new launched a football silicone ice ball is in the design of ice ball into football shape, frozen in the ice is one of football, very interesting, especially popular with the fans, this is silica gel ice ball popular trend.

silicone ice sphere balls silicone ice sphere balls

At present, Hanchuan industry has been designed up to hundreds of silicone ice sphere balls, 85% exported to Europe, America and Japan market, Wal Mart, Carrefour of France, Japan Jusco supermarket can see Hanchuan industrial products of ice ball. In order to prevent the water leakage of ice ball, the biggest problem is solved cover between sealing problems, as long as good sealing will not leak, and also the choice of the hardness of the silicone raw materials is also very important, generally choose 55-60 degrees is ideal.

 How to use these silicone ice sphere balls?  Clean it, the first time to the puck placed in boiling water, or boil for 20 minutes, the second times with hot water or boiled water cleaning; the ice ball, the puck into the clean water, the best is the frozen water, pure water, mineral water, filled with water into the refrigerator cooling, until the water freezes, come up with ice ball team, with warm water after can open the ice does not ask what mode the, ice ball and bright, crystal transparent, very cute. 

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