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Company News

Mass custom of silicone ice tray molds in Hanchuan silicone factory?What should be paid athention to?

Publish Date: 2016-07-19 Click: 804
Mass custom of silicone ice tray molds in Hanchuan silicone factory?What should be paid athention to?

In recent years, environmental protection and resistant high-temperature silicone ice tray molds in the Chinese market gradually pop up. Of course, ice cube tray price also along with the market demand increases gradually reduce, but due to the silica gel materials, low carbon environmental protection, non-toxic tasteless, such as superior performance, silicone ice tray molds than plastic ice mold costs are high, apparently plastic ice pattern will gradually be eliminated from the market. Silicone ice mold is making ice most suitable mold, batch customized Hanchuan silica gel factory design of silicone ice tray mold, what precautions?

Batch customization Hanchuan silica gel factory design of silicone ice tray molds matters needing attention, first of all, we should pay attention to appearance design, different shape design involves the process difficulty, mold development, affecting the cost; second is internal structure design, internal structure whether design reasonable this relationship to silica gel ice mold subsequent production efficiency and production cost.

silicone ice tray molds silicone ice tray molds

In addition to the above, there is the choice of what kind of silica gel material, FDA food grade silicone material per ton of about 16 to 20 yuan / kg, lfgb silicone material per ton of about 25-30 yuan / kg, material cost difference is very big, it will directly affect the silicone ice tray mold cost. So Hanchuan industrial suggestions in custom silicone ice die early, be sure to clear up these core issues, otherwise it will cause unnecessary costs. Hanchuan industrial 17 years of design and manufacturing silicone ice tray empirical mode and exported to Europe, America and Japan and other more than 100 countries, for our customers to provide one-stop customized service is our Hanchuan honor.

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