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Company News

Transparent ice cube making box- Polar silicione ice tray lets you live a cosy life

Publish Date: 2016-05-18 Click: 738
Transparent ice cube making box-  Polar silicione ice tray lets you live a cosy life

In order to let your beloved wine with ice cube with polar silicone ice tray, can also keep the taste over a long period of time. A bartender racking their brains to try, hope to make a very long service life of ice, never waste your good wine.

He thought that if you want to reduce the melting of the ice speed, you must reduce its contact surface, and eliminate redundant impurities in the ice, such as air bubbles. Precisely because of these lots of bubbles and make greatly increases the contact area of ice and water, quickly melt. At the same time, the ice inside white, looks full of impurities, the following figure on the left.

In this way, he developed the "pole ice dish". It can make ice ball, use special techniques to eliminate ice hockey at the same time, the impurities of the contact area and make it minimum, the speed of melting down naturally. And amazingly, after eliminating impurities of ice hockey, in addition to have practical, appearance also glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, let a person love very much.

Polar silicione ice tray Polar silicione ice tray

As long as you have it, you can create extremely slowly melting, and seems no impurity of ice.

Plaything thinking of some distant early summer, a xuefeng of the qinghai-tibet plateau, I fished from just small rivers thawing a palm large piece of ice, that is I have never seen a glittering and translucent. Shockingly, no matter how I managed to pass the temperature of the hands to it, it is still at a very slow speed is slowly melting.

, the river when it freezes in the cold temperature from the incoming air, causing the river down to layers of ice, the air in the water have been squeezed down, finally the ice on the river all the air is discharged, present a transparent without impurities.

Pole siliocne ice tray is use of this principle, only to surface exposed to the cold air. Ice tray of water from the ice layer by layer, the air in the water eventually be pushed to the bottom of the ice box.

In 12 hours after freezing, ice boxes completely frozen, you only need to remove spherical silica gel model to open, you can see the glittering and translucent get rid of the ice hockey, bubble exists only in ice at the bottom of the tank.

With this pole ice making machine, you'll be able to enjoy the process of cold drinks and wine indefinitely. Is the Gospel of all wine lovers. The city play, using it has played a more and more creative. You can take all the interesting things in storage, let they can show posture in ice hockey and enjoy.

For example, you can wait for the rose flowers frozen in the ball, let your hands wine appearance level. Will ring or frozen in ice hockey, in this way will give you the other half of the surprise and romantic, is a creative proposal small coup.

Waiting for the "beautiful people" cold melting ice hockey, you can shine for you, she take ring, propose this way, must have two old people can also take out often aftertaste. Than knelt to such remarkable proposal in public, it must have more warmth and romance.

Hanchuan industrial 17 years' design and develop  polar silicone ice traysOEM silicone ice cube tray in China, which exporting to more than 100 countries. More details, please send e-mails to sales@cszhc.com.

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