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Company News

Is there any difference to freeze ice cubes with silicone ice tray between hot and cold water?

Publish Date: 2016-04-20 Click: 820
Is there any difference to freeze ice cubes with silicone ice tray between hot and cold water?

Is there any difference to freeze ice cubes with silicone ice tray between hot and cold water?

Could hot, cold or lukewarm water make different features of ice cubes? You may have asked this question before turning on the faucet to fill your silicone ice tray. The answer depends on how quickly you want ice and the desired appearance of your frozen cubes.

 1. Hot Water for a Faster Freezing

It defies logic, but scientific experiments show that hot water freezes faster than cold under certain circumstances. Scientists claim this phenomenon occurs because hot water evaporates more quickly, leaving less mass to freeze. 

Others say that heating the water dissolves impurities that impede freezing, making it easier for the water to freeze more quickly. Still others say that air circulation around the trays will cool the water more quickly.

silicone ice tray silicone ice tray

2. Cold Water for a Clear Ice cube making and Longer-Lasting Cubes

To duplicate the clear ice found at many restaurants and bars, start with cold water. Ice cube gets its cloudy appearance from dissolved gases. Boil the water for five minutes to remove gas. Allow it to cool to room temperature before pouring into ice tray.

Thicker, denser ice melts more slowly. Boil the water to remove air bubbles and make the ice more dense. Cool water to room temperature and then pour it into muffin cups to make larger cubes, which also melt more slowly than smaller ones.

silicone ice tray silicone ice tray

3. Distilled Cold Water to Make Even Clearer

Minerals in water create cloudy ice. Boiling distilled water and then allowing it to cool before freezing will produce clearer ice.

The initial water temperature does not affect an ice cube's flavor. Fish and other odorous foods in the freezer will change the taste. Clean silicone ice trays regularly. Covered trays also prevent freezer odors from permeating ice.

silicone ice tray silicone ice tray

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