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Company News

What are the operation methods of Hanchuan silicone ice cube tray mold?

Publish Date: 2016-03-15 Click: 839
What are the operation methods of Hanchuan silicone ice cube tray mold?

 Silicone Ice Cube Tray Mold belongs to the category of the silicone kitchen utensils and appliances in the Silicone products, which is using the 100% silicone raw material production. With silicone raw materials, the quality characteristics of environmental protection, special food grade silicone raw materials, so very safe to use.

silicone ice cube tray mold silicone ice cube tray mold

Hanchuan silicone factory production of silicone ice cube tray mold concrete operation method? Silicone and curing agent. The mold silicone appearance is flowing liquid, A component is silicone, team B is curing agent. Example: take 100 grams of silicone, add 2 grams of curing agent.

Vacuum exhaust bubble processing: after silicone and curing agent mix, vacuum exhaust bubble link. Vacuumizing time shoulds not be too long, under normal circumstances, not more than ten minutes. If vacuum time is too long, the silicone curing immediately, the crosslinking, make the silicone piece by piece. It cannot besmear to brush or infusions, thus wasting the silicone, can only put silica gel in the trash, to take silica gel to do again.

Besmear brushs operation process: the time bubble of silicone, by brushing or perfusion. Pour in the product above. Then put the silicone coating on product, besmear brushs must be uniform, a layer of gauze in firbre cloth paste 30 minutes to increase the strength of the silicone and tension. And coating a layer of silica gel, then a layer of gauze in firbre cloth paste, so after two is ok. Only by doing this, out of the silicone ice cube tray mold service life and times of rolling over relative to improve a lot, can save cost and improve efficiency.

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