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Company News

That floating polar bears and penguins ice cubes can be easily made with hanchuan polar silicone ice tray!

Publish Date: 2016-03-08 Click: 851
That floating polar bears and penguins ice cubes can be easily made with hanchuan polar silicone ice tray!

Fashionable polar silicone ice tray could make out arctic and antarctic wildlife solid ice sculpture or ice cubes. Though it has appeared as early as a few years ago, causing a huge reaction at that time, the real mass production started this year. Ice floating polar bears and penguins can be easily made with hanchuan polar silicone ice tray.

polar silicone ice tray polar silicone ice tray

This polar silicone ice tray is very easy to use. Firstly, pouring water into ice making machine that made of silicone, the cover it and freezing it in the freezing compartment. Not soon, you will be able to see the polar bears and penguins at the south pole floating on the water.

Not only a cute shape, more importantly, it also brought global warming after the north and south poles out of the severe form of performance - if humans indulge yourself, when polar ice to melt, we will never see the polar bears and penguins. While floating on juice, drink flavour different colors. Matched with a variety of glass, there is different scenery. Recommend trying to carbonated drinks, you see, floating in the carbonated drinks such as soda. Above the water, it is cute penguins, underwater is rising air bubbles.

About Hanchuan industrial:

Hanchuan industial uniquely designed silicone ice  tray are portable and affordable. Based in Shenzhen, CN since 2002. For more information, why not contact Hanchuan online service: 

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