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Company News

What is the expiration date of silicone fiberglass baking mat in general?

Publish Date: 2016-01-07 Click: 810
What is the expiration date of silicone fiberglass baking mat in general?

In the usual purchasing goods, we are accustomed to see the expiration date. In general, as long as the products in the warranty period, to use will feel much safer and secure. So at the time of purchase silicone fiberglass baking mat, how do you know the expiration dete of silicone baking mat?

We must first understand the silicone, which is not dissolve in any solvent and the material of chemical properties is stable, we are the production of organic silicone. Silicone fiber glass mat belongs to organic silica gel, which has very good temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, electrical insulation, physiological inertia, low surface tension, etc.

silicone fiberglass baking mat silicone fiberglass baking mat

Then, the expiration date weather resistance has a lot to do with silica gel, silica gel endure-climate property means it has good resistance to radiation and thermal stability, in a natural environment for decades is no problem, that is the raw material of organic 

The silicone baking mats in the process of production will be after high temperature vulcanization, adding suitable amount of curing agent and various accessories, it will affect the expiration date of silicone fiberglass baking matUnder normal circumstances, it has little impact.

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