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Company News

Why are some of the silicone baking mats easy to tear?

Publish Date: 2016-01-06 Click: 865
Why are some of the silicone baking mats easy to tear?

Why are some of the silicone baking mats easy to tear?

The first reason is that no heightening tension glue, or too little.

Then, high strength and high elasticity, high resistance to tear the silicone piece; Using high-performance gas phase rubber production, the product excellent tensile, tear resistance, tensile is not white, can good resilience, use for a long time not deformation, not aging.

silicone baking mats silicone baking mats

 High tensile silicone baking mats specific parameters are as follows:

(1) Color is usually transparent, namely silicone color also can be black, white and other colors.

(2) Specification: general width is 600 millimeter, infinite length or according to the actual situation.Shaw

(3) The thickness and hardness, thickness of 0.1 mm - 3.0 mm, shaw hardness: 25 to 70 degrees (tolerance of plus or minus 5 degrees)

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