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Company News

The reasons for the production of silicone fiberglass baking mat bubbles and solutions to deal with it!

Publish Date: 2016-01-04 Click: 910
The reasons for the production of silicone fiberglass baking mat bubbles and solutions to deal with it!

Silicone products are widely used on the market, such as silicone fiberglass baking mats, silicone ice  tray, silicone  gloves and so on. During their production, there will be some bad products affected by factors such as raw materials, operating. It may be bubbles, then how could these bubbles generate? Is there any way to solve? 

Silicone products after molding products appear on the white bubble or white dots, namely wind, gas mark. Is a bubble, the bubble is torn or cut with the knife, to see bubbles inside the honeycomb (sponge), and feel soft and sticky. 

silicone fiberglass baking matsilicone fiberglass baking mat

A. Low curing temperature. Causes: when curing temperature is usually in the silicone products molding are set in the 160 ~ 200 degrees Celsius, mold operation time is too long, or other reasons make the mold for a long time not to open the vulcanizing machine heating, mold temperature and low temperature vulcanization silicone products, led to the silicone after molding, products have bubbles. Solution: raise high molding temperature.

B. Curing time is too short. The curing time determines whether the silicone mats can be completely cure. Curing time is too short, don't cause forming soft silicone buttons, it is easier to cause the surface bubbles.

Solution: extend the curing time of silicone products.

C. The mould structure is not reasonable. Causes: silicone fiberglass baking mats products forming mold design is not reasonable can also cause the silicone products forming bubbles, such as mould products in the way of arrangement, zoning, mold parting ways, such as the size of the mould design can create bubbles.

Solution: replace the mould.

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