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Company News

What are the technonogy kinds of silicone ice cube tray?

Publish Date: 2015-12-24 Click: 845
What are the technonogy kinds of silicone ice cube tray?

Nowadays, silicone products, like silicone ice cube tray,silicone fiberglass baking mats, are began to be used in more and more fields. Owing to the silicone non-toxic, tasteless, high temperature resistant characteristics, the application fileds are determined. Different silicone daily articles production technology are also different. How about the production technology of silicone ice cube tray?

silicone ice cube traysilicone ice cube tray

The most common production process_ molding. Mainly completed with the cooperation of molds, and the mould shapes determine the shape of silicone products. Common silicone products produced this way: silicone ice cube trays, silicone mats,silicone mobile phone cover, silicone strap, silicone bracelet...

Extrusion molding. extrusion silicone products usually by extrusion of silicone extrusion molding machine, extrusion silicone strip shape commonly, tube shape can be arbitrary cutting, extrusion art to the product shape is unitary, strip. Such as silicone tube which has been widely used in the field of medical, machinery and equipment.

 Liquid forming. liquid silicone products through silicone injection plastic injection molding, products, soft hardness can reach 10 ° C to 40 ° C, in the simulation of human organs, medical silicone breast implants, liquid silicone products process relative to the two categories, extrusion and mould pressing to strict, relatively high technical content, high production costs.

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