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Company News

The application and classification of silicone ice cube trays!

Publish Date: 2015-12-11 Click: 847
The application and classification of silicone ice cube trays!

What are the application and classification of Hanchuan industrial OEM factory silicone ice cube trays?

Hanchuan silicone factory 16 years of design and produce many different styles and shapes silicone ice cube trays. The application and classification of silicone ice cube trays can be widely used in home kitchen, oven, food and other industrial departments of silicone ice maker, ice mold, ice making box, etc.

silicone ice cube trayssilicone ice cube trays

Product categories of silicone ice cube trays:

Silicone ice cube trays are mainly creative design, robot shapes, fruit shapes, animal shapes, letter shapes and other different kinds of ice maker, Chriatmas theme silicone ice  tray, including socks ice trays, tree shapes, bell shapes and Santa Claus silicone ice cube trays.

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