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Company News

The causes for silicone ice cube tray peculiar smell and methods to deal with it!

Publish Date: 2015-11-24 Click: 907
The causes for silicone ice cube tray peculiar smell and methods to deal with it!

Sometimes, people might smell the silicone ice cube tray peculiar smell when using it, but how this smell came out? When will it usually appear in the production process? What methods can we take to deal with it?

 In fact, silicone raw material is no taste. No matter what color the end product is, silicone ice cube tray has little smell. Even with a little taste, nor pungent taste. So there is no direct relationships with silicone  material for ice cube tray peculiar smell. Besides, it has nothing to do with the color of the product. 

 After its forming, generally silicone ice cube tray can't be sold directly. There are other processes should be finished, such as: screen printing, spray hot oil, laser carving, glue, water stickers, etc. After completion of these processes, different tastes may appear. From this, peculiar smell may appear after the forming of all kinds of production process. 

 The most probable appearing process of silicone ice cube tray peculiar smell are screen printing and spray hot oil. Quality of screen printing ink and the oil will directly cause the silicone ice cube tray peculiar smell. 

          silicone ice cube tray peculiar smellsilicone ice cube tray peculiar smell

 For the above reasons for the silicone ice cube tray peculiar smell, we could deal with it by two methods: 

 The first way to eliminate peculiar smell of silicone ice cube tray products, which belongs to the technology of silicone rubber products, is to eliminate the peculiar smell of the silicone itself. To join in the vulcanization silicone compound sulfide in addition to taste, and secondary sulfide. Then it can effectively eliminate the organic peroxide vulcanizing vulcanizing silicone rubber products strong excitant peculiar smell, so as to reflect the environmental protection. 

 The second is physical method. Put silicone ice cube tray in cool outdoor places for a period of time to smell volatile naturally. And it can be soaked in water, marinated in the water for a period of time. Several times' soaking will make silicone ice cube tray peciliar smell much smaller.

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