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Company News

What fields are silicone mat used in?How to use silicone mat for baking?

Publish Date: 2015-11-06 Click: 877
What fields are silicone mat used in?How to use silicone mat for baking?

Silicone mat is one of silicone products that has a lot of demands in the market. And there are many kinds are widely applied in our daily life: silicone mouse mat, silicone non-slip mat, electronic equipment foot mat of silicone  material and silicon computer keyboard waterproof cushion, etc. Food-grade silicone  mat has inherent thermal stability (to 40 ℃ -- 230 ℃), suitable for different occasions, and also have good softness, so it is widely used in electronics, industrial, and household.

According to the different application fields and characteristics of silicone, it can be divided into three categories. Thermal conductive silicone  mats, silicone insulation mats and silicone gaskets.Thermal conductive silicone  mat is commonly used in electronic industry; Silicone insulation mat, such as coasters, placemats, pot mat and others are commonly used in household articles for daily use; Silicone gasket is commonly used in industrial machines.

                      silicone mat silicone mat


Silicone  mat for baking is one kind of silicone insulation mat, which is generally made of food grade silicone. Not only it has a variety of colors, shapes and designs, but even some silicone baking mats have scale and size. It is used to aid in the roasting process may encounter situation, which makes roasting process more relaxed and pleasant. Silicone  mat for baking generally has smaller volume, lighter weight, higher temperature resistance, better skid resistance, and is convenient for cleaning, which is a very practical tool when baked.

The primary use of silicone mat for baking is anti-skid and anti-sticking, used as a calibration gauge and can enter the oven to bake. Greasy after the completion of the cleaning, recommend the use of 84 disinfectant invasion bubble for a while, can be avoided in a short period of time and bacterial growth.

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