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Company News

What are the kitchen silicone utensils in your house?

Publish Date: 2015-11-04 Click: 856
What are the kitchen silicone utensils in your house?

What are the kitchen silicone utensils in your house? In numerous synthetic rubber, silicone rubber is the most famous among these. Not only it is tasteless non-toxic, not fear the heat and the characteristics of the protection against the bitter cold, but silicone rubber has good electrical insulation, oxygen aging resistance, that the light aging resistant. Because it has these excellent performances, the silicone rubber is very extensive and important USES in modern medicine.


Over the years, hospital, scientific research units and factories join together successfully trial-produced a variety of silicone rubber medical supplies. Don't say that we all know medical and cosmetic purposes, also don't say every baby bottle nipple and cars use mobile phone mat and so on. Today we just say what kitchen utensils  in your kitchen are made of silicone.                

                   kitchen silicone utensils

Tonight, why not go home and have a look at your kitchen. To find what kitchen utensils and appliances in your house are silicone. Give you an advice: Remember hurriedly to use kitchen utensils of silicone  material, don't ask why, just for you and your family's health. 

  Here anyway, everyone takes a look at what are the kinds of kitchen utensils and appliances made of silicone  material: silicoce cake pan, silicone baking pan, silicone Fried egg tool, silicone ice  tray, silicone insulated gloves, silicone peeled garlic, silicone oil brush, silicone cover, silicone maple leaf cup mat, silicone  mat, silicone spatula, silicone scraper, silicone tableware bowls, silicone ice  ball, silicone folding filter spoon...

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