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Company News

Brazil wholesalers pay close attention to Hanchuan industrial ball shape silicone ice tray, and become Hanchuan new clients

Publish Date: 2015-10-26 Click: 916
Brazil wholesalers pay close attention to Hanchuan industrial ball shape silicone ice tray, and become Hanchuan new clients

As people's demand on the market for silicone ice  tray constantly improved, especially for the Brazilian. Their demands for ball shape silicone ice trays are rising year by year. Facing with so many good ball shape silicone ice  tray manufacturers, wholesalers in Brazil put more attention Hanchaun industrial and hope we will have a close cooperation. 


 There are a lot of wholesalers that are from Brazil, who are regular customs of Hanchuan industrial silicone ice  tray factory. Generally speaking, Hanchuan industrial silicone ice  tray that they paid close attention to is the design and development of ball shape silicone ice  tray. 

                            ball shape silicone ice tray ball shape silicone ice tray

Hanchuan industrial ball shape silicone ice  trays are all the mass production according to customers' requirements. Our silicone factory has professional production and testing equipment, which are more than 200 sets. Besides, it is made up of mixing and spraying workshop dust-free operation; Providing product development, mold-opening, the improvement of the product manufacturing, all these high quality services. Customized according to customer's requirements of different colors, can provide products, such as screen printing, pad printing, color printing technology;In terms of matrix, 

Hanchuan industry not only has its own professional silicone factory, but spends time and energy researching, developing and producting new silicone ice  trays every year. It has brought more new customers for hanchuan industry. Daily articles wholesalers, Carlos, as Brazil bar, large mall and supermarket, it has 10 years of experience. Recently, Carlos is going to replace a group of ball shape ice  trays of silicone  material, not only for holiday sales, but also for wide range of interest. As is known to us all, the brazilians like ball games, especially football. Hanchuan industrial production of ball shape silicone ice  tray has attracted the attention of Carlos. He found hanchuan industrial ball shape silicone ice  tray on Google. Seeing the Hanchuan ice tray official website, and then ask about ball shape silicone ice tray price from the personnel of the service.

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