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Company News

America importers purchasing silicone large ice mold, select 16 years customized experience  Hanchuan industry for it!

Publish Date: 2015-10-22 Click: 899
America importers purchasing silicone large ice mold, select 16 years customized experience  Hanchuan industry for it!

Mr Jones opened a gifts wholesale company in California the United States, of which scale is not small. Generally, the main selling produsts are some silicone resistant pad, silicone cake mold, such silicone articles for daily use, but profit is not enough. In order to obtain more profits, Mr Jones plans to expand the product line, and increase the market share, meanwhile he had a customer turned to him for purchasing silicone large ice mold.

At the very start, Jones was purchasing silicone large ice mold in zhejiang silicone factory. Not saying there is little profit, the recent customer feedback the quality is not stable, either. Design is not novel, the cost budget is not enough. Jones decided to look for professional silicone ice mold manufacturers in guangdong, not only obtain more profits, also can solve the stable quality problem now, and cooperation custom new silicone large ice mold.

                    silicone large ice moldsilicone large ice mold

Then Jones search on Google online "silicone large ice mold", and found with 16 years silicone ice mold design and development experience of the manufacturers - Hanchuan industry. Then they directly made a dialogue with online customer service to Miss Pan. Customer asked pan to send over the past 10 pieces silicone large ice mold product samples, and they will do FDA testing. Within less than a week, test results had come out and is very good. It has passed the FDA quality certification. 

Why Hanchuan industrial silicone large ice mold quality stability is so excellent? In fact, it is derived from Hanchuan silicone factory QC quality monitoring system, which is strictly according to ISO9001, from raw material procurement, to product delivery, to the production process. The whole monitoring has been achieved, quality consistent.

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E-mail: sales@cszhc.com


Miss Pan