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Company News

Make healthy fun treats for the kids with OEM silicone heart shaped ice tray!

Publish Date: 2015-08-31 Click: 565
Make healthy fun treats for the kids with OEM silicone heart shaped ice tray!

Make your party stand out with the use of these your favorite OEM silicone heart shaped ice trays! You've received the perfect and excellent decorations, delicious finger foods, and now you need that one item that will set this party apart from all others. Why not turn to OEM silicone heart shaped ice tray for help, it will do the trick!

What are the benefits of OEM silicone heart shaped ice tray? These are hot and cold uses, faster baking process, Non stick, conventional and microwave ovens, durable and easy to clean.

OEM silicone heart shaped ice tray  OEM silicone heart shaped ice tray

Make the perfectly designed ice cubes for adding pizzazz to your favorite drinks. Hosting a Valentine's party, the OEM silicone heart shaped ice tray is the perfect item. Use for baking and make heart-shaped cookies for the kids. Don't stop there with special events, use them daily. I'm sure your loved ones would enjoy them. 

Why not make healthy fun treats for the kids! Use OEM silicone heart shaped ice tray in the oven, perfect silicone tray for baking. Also use it in the fridge! Feel free to add fruit to your favorite gelatin.

Food grade silicone gives the OEM silicone heart shaped ice tray a soft texture. It is well-designed with a detailed pattern, which would mold awesome shapes on ice or chocolate. For those wonderful arts and crafts individuals, feel free to use silicone trays for crayons and soaps. Silicone trays are great items to share fun moments with your children in kitchen! 

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E-mail: sales@cszhc.com


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