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Company News

Silicone fruit ice tray easily make healthy and delicious frozen treats!

Publish Date: 2015-07-27 Click: 916
Silicone fruit ice tray easily make healthy and delicious frozen treats!

Give your Children a colorful and creative summer with this silicone friut ice tray! Easily make healthy and delicious frozen treats, great for birthdays, pool parties or your next BBQ.

Easy to use, kids & adults will love them very much!

Package include: 1 x ice mold.

Material: Safety Food Grade Silicone.

Color: color ship at random.

Size: 18*16cm.

  silicone fruit ice tray   silicone fruit ice tray

About use of silicone fruit ice tray:

A: Fill them with juice, purees, fruit, berries or yogurt for a healthy, everyday treat - and for much lower cost than popsicles or freeze pops at the store. For something more decadent, fill with sherbet, ice cream, candy, cocoa...whatever you can dream up! When they're ready, just hold in your hand for a few seconds to warm the outside, then squeeze and enjoy with absolutely no sticking.

B: Keep it as a cake mold,candy mold,chocolate mold,depends on whatever you like.

C: As a soap mold,make your life more esay and interesting!

About wash: Rinse with clean water , safe and durable.

Cute and safety silicone friut ice tray molds. Temperature:-40°C-220°C

keeps pops from tipping while freezing, after frozen individual pops fit neatly in freezer to save space.

- To see more at: http://www.hcsilicone.com/articles/info.html