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Company News

What will be the determination of glue on the production of silicone ice trays?

Publish Date: 2015-06-19 Click: 987
What will be the determination of glue on the production of silicone ice trays?

Glue on the production of silicone ice trays is determined by gluing roller depth and concentration. However, in fact now many small silicone ice tray enterprises still use non scraper type compound machine, unequilibrium is the biggest difference between composite scraper type compound machine and scraper machine: "the former glue by rollers at both ends of the screw rod regulating, the latter is scraper directly scraping gum and. 

Net and depth and concentration had a direct effect on the quantity of cement job; non scraper type regulating glue quantity regulation through the rollers at both ends of the thread rod. Is the adjustment between on cots and net roller pressure, pressure light glue, glue on the anti less. 

In silicone mat in the process of operation if the both sides of the thread rod improper pressure regulation, glue inevitable side of the thick, while thin, thick edge by hot pressing and extrusion occurs adhesion, often is the glue residue in hot steel and, sticky side side issued the voice of "Chi Chi", at the same time, the thickness of photoresist on the one side of the film is bent inwards, affect product flatness.

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