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Company News

Why silicone ice cube tray must pass100% second vulcanization to ensure the qualified_Hanchuan industry

Publish Date: 2015-06-17 Click: 977
Why silicone ice cube tray must pass100% second vulcanization to ensure the qualified_Hanchuan industry

 The usage of silicone ice cube tray attach great importance in people's life, so it must ensure the quality standard, which can not be sloppy. The key point is that whether it pass 100% second vulcanization.

Why does silicone ice cube tray must pass the second curing? First of all, let us work together to see the role of secondary sulfide: silicone ice tray ith the peroxide curing, the decomposition of the peroxide initiated polymer reaction after the production of the low molecular weight compounds, such as benzene and benzoic acid, etc.) exist in silicone rubber will influence of silicone ice lattice mechanical properties, after the first heating molding, the crosslinking density is not enough. Therefore, it is necessary to secondary sulfide to increase the density of the ice making box and pulled up the strength. Resilience, density, hardness, degree of swelling, thermal stability than the first vulcanization is greatly improved and the harmful residues to completely evaporate, so as to 100% customized to ensure silicone ice cube tray quality.

Hanchuan industrial customization of silicone ice cube tray, 100% after second vulcanization, exported to more than 80 contries, like Europe, America and Japan and other countries, tens of thousands of silicone ice cube tray products, silicone ice tray manufacturing expert!

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