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Company News

Japanese six holes silicone ice ball_real trend design from Hanchuan

Publish Date: 2015-05-29 Click: 1007
Japanese six holes silicone ice ball_real trend design from Hanchuan

A Japanese customer find Hanchuan Japan market salesman Huang, and want to design a silicone ice ball products. Then they hope that we cooperate with the design, the customers see us a lot of silicone ice tray products, also see the other silicone factory silicone ice tray products are feeling unwell and very attractive, then we have repeatedly communicate with customers, understand customer's real thoughts and expectations, customers want to design a color animation silicone ice ball.

silicone ice ball silicone ice ball

After many times communication with the customer, we design the program to customer reference, customers a fancy on the six holes silicone ice ball, after a customer re modify, customers are very satisfied. This six holes silicone ice ball is mainly for each product in cartoon form independent design, each cartoon and connected into a whole, the product is divided into two parts, upper and lower binding must be closely, there can be no leakage phenomenon. So this product in the mold design is very strict, but also to USA silicone materials imported Dow corning. Domestic materials difficult to meet customer requirements. The product can't leak water when water injection, frozen ice after ice must keep each cartoon original graphics, and each graphic ice can not take out immediately after the break. This is a good deal in product design.. This silicone ice ball model after Japanese customers, customers ordered 30000, in the Japanese supermarket for sale.