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Company News

Shanghai International Exhibition of adult _ goddess hatano YUI debut, adult health care products to create brilliant

Publish Date: 2015-04-17 Click: 1320
Shanghai International Exhibition of adult _ goddess hatano YUI debut, adult health care products to create brilliant

The 2015 Shanghai international adult health and reproductive health exhibition in Shanghai in April 9th International Procurement Exhibition Center was officially opened. The Shanghai International Adult Exhibition for a period of four days, high tech, the concept of adult products (vibrators, massage stick) debut, fashion activities. The organizers and the major manufacturers invited well-known actress in Japan JULIYA Beijing incense to help out, throwing the breasts and buttocks off the audience of thousands of "Indoorsman" fiery passion. The exhibition will be held every day more than a sexy underwear, attractive models will be put on the temptation to fashion lingerie, underwear fashion show this year in the T table.

Shanghai international adult health and reproductive health exhibition_massage stick

 In comparison, the ninth Shanghai International Exhibition of March 16th adult is opened in Shanghai International Exhibition center. The adult exhibition highlights a lot, Japanese actress (Indoorsman goddess) our appearance, sexy underwear product release show uniform temptation, hot pipe dance of passion. In addition, AIDS prevention propaganda, cultural exhibition and body painting show is held in the exhibition synchronization.
Compared to the previous China adult exhibition, 2015 Shanghai International Adult exhibition has been to internationalization of a big step forward, the Shanghai International Exhibition of adult with "professional audience day", as during the exhibition, business negotiations, cooperation opportunities at the same time, the vertical, the organizers to provide VIP service room, dining area and space. In the large scale enterprise, with the topic of speculation the nature of the content was significantly reduced. Because the restrictive factors, interest Chinese participating in the exhibition content is not synchronized with the international, but with many ideas, the design sense of the brand to emerge, domestic consumers of adult or taste of the appreciation level gradually reach a certain cognitive level and diversified exhibition show a type of upgrade, China exhibition will eventually find their own interest the characteristics, Chinese "internationalization" form.

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