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Company News

After the female teacher and female student melee, why not use silicone ice ball to apply face

Publish Date: 2015-04-13 Click: 1022
After the female teacher and female student melee, why not use silicone ice ball to apply face

Morning news:  [Hubei middle school female teacher because of an altercation with female student to the melee, her face cut] There is no way to eliminate? In fact,it can be made of silicone ice ball  mask. In April 12, 2015, a "Yingcheng high school female students were playing the teacher to disfigurement of the net posts circulated on the Internet", too terrible. According to the students: the teacher picked up the book and Zhang head it, and asked her to face to, ah, why women are so cure to women. After the incident, Zhang took his face scar photos... The school a teacher confirmed that this is true, the parties involved are female, because of the things quarrel brawl.

silicone ice ball silicone ice ball

[What was to blame? ] A teacher in the school grade office told reporters confirmed that this is true, the parties involved are female, because the quarrel and fight. According to the net posts described the teacher picked up the book to the student Zhang head hit, and pawed at her face, Zhang also caught the teacher's hair; afterwards, Zhang took his face scar photos. From the net posts photos to see, the injured students face with a plurality of blood, the net posts called "the day to go to the hospital to check, the cases that has a 80% chance to leave a scar". 10, someone's girls Zhang, 7, 7, the Chinese teacher asked her if its body splash, "I certainly don't admit, had a quarrel, she hit me."

In fact, young people's face some small traces is a very normal thing, generally do not take medicine, with the increase of age, but we must pay attention to diet, do not eat spicy food, if there is a trace on the face, can make use of silicone ice ball puck cloth face, especially can relieve summer heat in summer, can also drink mung bean porridge with ice or ice, but must be made of silicone ice tray of ice, don't use plastic mould making ice ice, otherwise it will increase the face. Silicone ice ball currently online can buy, but should pay attention to choose the regular brand - Hanchuan!

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