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Company News

Suzhou silicone ice mould factory:Why choose to cooperate with Hanchuan usse ice ball

Publish Date: 2015-04-08 Click: 1071
Suzhou silicone ice mould factory:Why choose to cooperate with Hanchuan usse ice ball

With the development of science and technology, the network era makes human communication becomes more and more convenient; at the same time, merchants and businessmen can also cooperate with each other very easily through the network, exchange. Recently, a Suzhou silicone ice mold manufacturers through faith to find Hanchuan industry, and Hanchuan to purchase 5000 pieces of silicone ice ball, wish the seller to pay the freight. In order to develop cooperation with the customers, we give this promise: more than 5000 pieces, we can pay the freight, in 5000 the following, the customers own freight.

 Silicone ice mould factory  Silicone ice mould factory

In fact, Suzhou commodity producers in the production of hardware kitchenware; in order to increase their own strength, they also began to increase the variety of products, silica gel products become the first choice of life. On the one hand, Suzhou manufacturers own mold production mold silicone ice mold, but the cost is not low, all products can have their own mold production; therefore, on the other hand also to enrich its product through outsourcing. As is the case in the Suzhou silicone ice mould factory, silicone ice ball Hanchuan has now, foreign sales, the manufacturers will no longer own mould. Hanchuan industry to meet the small customer demand also purchased some of the products, such as low cost, fast delivery. Hanchuan has been an open attitude in the face of the same manufacturer, should not only competition between peers, also can cooperate to achieve a win-win cooperation, complementary.