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Company News

Hanchuan design: creative silicone ice cream mould, approach is very simple, suitable for children to eat

Publish Date: 2015-03-30 Click: 1283
Hanchuan design: creative silicone ice cream mould, approach is very simple, suitable for children to eat

When we were young, eating ice cream and popsicles is our special love. At that time only to parents for some pocket money to buy a popsicle. When we grow up, we have some ideas: if there is a refrigerator in our home, can do their own popsicle ice cream at home. Now, almost every household in the home refrigerator, ice cream and popsicles at home is much more convenient, this is no longer a dream or hope. Only need to buy a popsicle ice cream mold (silicone popsicle mold) would already be achieved in homemade popsicle idea. Hanchuan here to recommend a creative silicone ice cream mould, it can make snow mold can also do a popsicle, pictures enclosed for everybody reference:

silicone popsicle mold

Popsicle, ice approach is very simple: materials will be prepared in advance, if the juice, red bean, mung bean sand into the silica gel popsicle mold, then the lid and put it in the refrigerator; after a few minutes of juice materials such as frozen, it could take out. In addition, we also can add their favorite flavor in the material: acid can add lemon juice; sweet sugar or honey bees; like to eat the milk taste can also add milk. Ice cream and popsicles for health and safety, make at home without additives, especially suitable for to the children to eat.
Silicone (silicone ice cream mold) feature is non-toxic, no smell; and this material is relatively soft silicone molding plastic more easily than ice cream will be taken out. Silicone ice mold cleaning is also very convenient, as long as the rinse with water can be a. Want to make their own popsicle, would buy a silicone ice mold, and children together to produce popsicle ice cream, experience more fun in life.