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Company News

American Starbucks custom coffee store ice ball,silicone material,quality guarantee

Publish Date: 2015-03-17 Click: 1077
American Starbucks custom coffee store ice ball,silicone material,quality guarantee

American Starbucks directly through the Hongkong Home Furnishing gift global sources, found the Hanchuan industrial silicone kitchen supplies exhibition, which focus on understanding the coffee store ice ball model and custom, understanding is very meticulous, first ask our plastic and silicone what is the difference? The difference: 1, non-toxic and tasteless: silica gel, plastic most; 2, physiological inert, high chemical stability: silica gel, plastic general; 3, environmental degradation: silica gel can be, the plastic can not; 4, aging resistance, service life: silica gel can, plastic not; 5, soft / flexible: silica gel is excellent, plastic is poor; 6, anti-skid, shock proof, insulation, elastic, tear resistance, anti fade: degree of silica gel is excellent, plastic is poor; 7, temperature resistance:: silica gel high temperature (-40 DEG -230 DEG), plastic (100-150 C) 8, burning performance: silica gel is not flammable, does not produce harmful substances, plastic flammable, produce harmful substances; 9, easy demoulding, easy to clean: silica gel is excellent, plastic general.

 coffee store ice ball coffee store ice ball

Starbucks actually worked in 2010 with Hanchuan, then through America an importer ordering two Coffee store ice ball, one of them is making a popsicle, is a ball. Ice ball shape is the football shape, while 30000 sweaters, two colors, one is black, one is white. The weight is 78g, the Starbucks directly to find the Hanchuan cooperation now market pattern began to change, a lot of some big C class customers began directly to factory cooperation, mainly in order to reduce the cost. This cooperation Starbucks altogether has ordered 3 paragraph Coffee store ice ball, each style has its new ideas, very stylish.