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Company News

Exports silicone ice tray Very popular in Europe and America This Hanchuan four hole silicone ice cup

Publish Date: 2015-03-16 Click: 1049
Exports silicone ice tray Very popular in Europe and America This Hanchuan four hole silicone ice cup

 In the exports of silicone ice tray products, the four holes silicone ice cup section design in Europe and the United States of Hanchuan sells very well. The earliest export silicone ice tray is a British customer requirements designed in Hanchuan, then on the market are some of the common silicone ice tray, the shape is square design, the British customers want us with the development of a more distinctive silicone ice tray, we thought for a long time, finally thought of the design of the four hole silicone ice grid scheme.

 four holes silicone ice cup four holes silicone ice cup

This four holes silicone ice cup design shape also looks simple, but the entire ice thickness is relatively thick, we were with the British customer communication first open a template mold, so the risk small, if the sample mould proofing problem did not reopen after the silicone ice grid large, customers are also very recognized, pattern die out, we repeated sampling a few times, always is not ideal, the main problem is not good stripping, easy tear products, after the production is very difficult, the backstage and after several of the product mold modification, specially arranged for skilled operator through operation, the model basically no problem, polishing electroplating processing of mould, customers see after the pattern quite satisfied, request to open a large mode, order plan is 5000, large out of formal production, non-performing rate is very high, the qualified rate of 70%, many of which are discarded because the demoulding problem, the first batch of 5000 finished the whole qualification rate at around 80%, but the export silicone ice grid quality is very good, after freezing and ice like a cylindrical ice cup, very beautiful.