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Company News

Arbor Day gifts: Low carbon environmental protection silicone ice ball,more benefits, 10 years of durable

Publish Date: 2015-03-12 Click: 1138
Arbor Day gifts: Low carbon environmental protection silicone ice ball,more benefits, 10 years of durable

 Today is tree planting day 2015, Hanchuan silica plant has what tree planting Day gifts? In fact, silicone ice ball        since the 2009 Hanchuan industrial design and manufacturing listed has been overwhelming majority of consumers at home and abroad enjoy. So in addition to low carbon environmental protection in line with the arbor day green health elements, what other benefits? In fact, silicone ice ball benefits not only because of low carbon environmental protection silicone ice ball, ice ball or more major silicone easy demoulding; because the frozen ice like a football, basketball and so on earth, ball, very popular with the fans dear resistance. Durability of up to 10 years.

Low carbon environmental protection silicone ice ballLow carbon environmental protection silicone ice ball

Since the 2009 Hanchuan industrial first silicone ice ball, silicone ice mold new products into the market, immediately aroused the attention of European and American customers. The first year ice ball orders quickly break through 1000000; after the innovation and development of a few years, now silicone ice ball more styles and design closer to the consumer demand. Silicone ice ball benefits: not only is the low carbon environmental protection, non-toxic and tasteless, easy demoulding, durability and other superior characteristics; more are mainly the ice like a basketball, soccer ball earth, etc., well received by the fans love, especially in the world cup, European Cup football event such as period, silicone ice ball benefits more prominent, the fans watching the game, drink beer and joined the hockey have a distinctive flavour, bring more happiness to the game. Hanchuan Industry 16 years of design and manufacture of silicone ice ball experience, exported to Europe and the United States and Japan more than 80 countries.