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Company News

Why silicone ice tray made of ice is the most environmental friendly?The United Nations recognized

Publish Date: 2015-02-11 Click: 999
Why silicone ice tray made of ice is the most environmental friendly?The United Nations recognized
 Silicone ice tray and silicone ice ball is the same category products, products can be designed to shape the ice tray according to individual idea. According to the shape of the product, generally can be divided into 4 categories: can fruit shape, animal shape, the shape of the letter, pictographic shape (square, round, heart-shaped etc.) and other silicone ice tray. It is self-evident, of course there are many other shapes silicone ice tray: for example the car shape, cartoon characters shape etc.. Ice lattice shapes can be according to their own ideas to the creative idea, and the shape of the product is free to design, of course, also want to together with silica gel material and manufacturing process characteristics to design the silica gel products.

Silicone ice tray Silicone ice tray

Why silicone ice tray made of ice is the most environmentally friendly? To understand this, we firstly need to understand the characteristics of silica raw materials: silicone ice tray of low carbon environmental protection, is composed of 100% food grade silicone produced; silicone ice tray non-toxic tasteless, soft, non slip, anti shock, anti seepage, heat insulation, aging is not easy, not easy to fade, easy to clean, easy demoulding, durable; high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and other excellent performance. This is plastic and any other materials can not match advantage, environmental protection department of the United Nations commented: made of silicone ice tray of ice 100% low carbon environmental protection, ice colony number 100% colonies produced qualified plastic ice severely exceed the standard lattice! So now the silicone ice tray of Europe and the United States and Japan market is very commonly used, plastic ice tray is long out!