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Company News

What are the main factors affecting the silicone fiber glass mat cost?

Publish Date: 2015-01-29 Click: 1067
What are the main factors affecting the silicone fiber glass mat cost?

What are the main factors affecting the silicone fiber glass mat cost? Silicone fiber glass mat demands in the market are increasingly larger and larger, among which Europe and the United States and Japan market grew most rapidly, and silicone fiber glass mat demand each year by 10% the proportion of growth. The silicone fiber glass mat styles are  in innovation, and the price is required lower and lower. So the silicone fiber glass mat custom designers need to consider the cost factor, not only to innovation,but salso price high requirements. The main influence factors of silicone mat product costs are: silica raw materials, silicone mold layout and production efficiency!

silicone fiber glass mat costsilicone fiber glass mat cost

Silicone fiber glass mat customization in considering the price of the product cost factors in the designer to design product time. The first thing to consider is the silica glass fiber mat custom-made product size, smaller dots such as far as possible, use glue will directly affect the silica glass fiber mat product cost; secondly, in the product mold layout if the small size can be a mold can typesetting several silica glass fiber mat, thus the production efficiency is high. The unit cost is much lower, many designers in the design of silicone mat do not consider mold typesetting products, it is easy to lead to high cost. When there is a design of silica glass fiber mat process as simple as possible, not too complex, more complex production efficiency is low, poor rate is high, then the silica glass fiber mat ordering cost is higher, especially the ordering quantity is less and more should pay attention to this point. Silicone ice tray custom in the choice of silica raw materials should also note, generally in line with the United States FDA food grade standard detection can be, but Europe generally must comply with the LFGB standards, such as high 15-20% silica raw material costs, so the quality is not excess.