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Company News

Baking silicone harmful to people? Silicone mat production experts to answer your questions

Publish Date: 2015-01-22 Click: 1145
Baking silicone harmful to people? Silicone mat production experts to answer your questions

 Baking of silicone harmful to people? In fact, the silicone is non-toxic, which can be made into baking mould. But the key lies in the high temperature resistant silicone can not be sustained, after a long time of baking, silicone will be soft and sticky. Surely, there are high temperature resistant silicone, but that kind of silicone was added with Magnesium Oxide of high temperature resistant materials. There will be little impact on how much food. Formal silicone mold is completely non-toxic and harmless, but very expensive, a 6 connecting mode about to sell 100 pieces, some good brand, also have 200 to 300 CNY.

baking of silicone baking gloves silicone

 Of course,whether silicone baking tool safe to use depends on whether if it can reach food safety standard? To reach the food safety standards, reached safety, not up to it's not safe. Silicone mold can be directly used on a baking tray. But there is one point to note, the real silicone material is very expensive, a six game mode to buy 70 to 80 CNY, brand better even 200 to 300 CNY.  If you are spending only 10 or 20 CNY on silicone rubber mould, I advise you to throw it away. It is a bad silicone, high temperature will release harmful substances, hazardous to human health. Hanchuan industrial silicone mat production experts, 16 years engaged in custom silicone mat, silicone mat wholesale. The main style of European silicone mat, silicone Placemat etc. style, more than 80 countries export to Europe and Japan, at home and abroad have a lot of customers! Product professional design team, provide product customization services PRO-E 3D design and high efficiency!