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Company News

Suzhou silicone gasket price is also good, but they do not dare to guarantee qualified a silica gel 100% detection

Publish Date: 2015-01-13 Click: 1044
Suzhou silicone gasket price is also good, but they do not dare to guarantee qualified a silica gel 100% detection

 Suzhou is a focus for many small commodity China, at a low price and is known around the world. Suzhou is also true of silicone gasket,10%-20%, prices cheaper than the Guangdong silicone ice tray, but Suzhou silicone gasket can not guarantee the quality of American 100% comply with FDA food grade security authentication. Hanchuan Industry 16 years the production of silicone mat experience, the raw materials are 100% food grade silicone, customers request: we will American FDA detection and the European Union LFGB in accordance with the requirements of customers test.

silicone gasket silicone gasket

 However, in some cases, the European and American customers asking price when the silica gel shim, always like to take Suzhou silicone gasket price comparison. Often want cheap price or quality. But in fact, the possibility is very small. If Suzhou silica gel gasket price 10%-20% cheaper than Shenzhen or Dongguan silicone insulation pad, then we can be sure Suzhou silica gel gasket can not guarantee the quality. The raw material first silicone gaskets are almost cost, artificial wage in Shenzhen and Dongguan more expensive, many European and American customers always take Suzhou silicone gasket prices directly with us to talk about the price. Customers do not take the initiative to talk about specific products, that trust is not enough. In mid 2014, a customer in Italy is to take Suzhou silica gel gasket told us about the price. We put the silica raw materials for the list to the customer, the customer will believe us to pay attention to quality. A lot of guests is over silica gel gasket prices in Suzhou compared after doing goods in Suzhou, and later found the Suzhou quality did not Shenzhen or Dongguan silica gel products factory production, in turn, the guest came back with us, this time for our guests request more specific. Back to the smooth progress of.