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Company News

Fail for acne during the civil service exam? You can use silicone ice ball to make ice at attaining consumer pox

Publish Date: 2014-12-22 Click: 1093
Fail for acne during the civil service exam? You can use silicone ice ball to make ice at attaining consumer pox


 A civil servant candidate in the examination, the written interview is the first, but because of long pox be brushed off. There is no way to eliminate pox? In fact, he can made silicone ice ball puck face or in the Mung Bean Congee plus ice ball often drink can eliminate pox. Originally, young people have acne are not strange, very normal. A civil servant candidates in the micro Bo big beefing, causes netizen heat to discuss: the selection of civil servants what is selection or beauty.

 silicone ice ball silicone cie ball

  In August 6th, the candidates of examination results to question, to the Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture of the civil authority for the statement, the official reply said the examination unqualified is based on: the influence of face and difficult to cure skin diseases (such as vitiligo, psoriasis, vascular tumor stains, etc.) this is a standard. The army seized all through the army, why this examination not through. The candidates then written reinspect application, but was eventually reply, can not participate in review. Reply: no human intervention examination results, facial scar effect belongs to face, according to requirements of the conclusion is not qualified, "the people's police to image, ugly, not when the police", August 4th, during the physical examination, physical examination are qualified outside the other project. Department of inspection, due to face long acne (Cuo Chuang) is not qualified, a doctor say so. At present, silicone ice ball can be bought online, but we should pay attention to choose the regular brand!